Variation Swatches Settings

GS WooCommerce Variation’s Admin options are available only at the PRO version.
At GS Woo Variation Swatches, instructions are added with each field.

WooCommerce Variation Settings
GS WooCommerce Variation Swatches Setting Options details
  • Attribute Behavior : Choose attribute style after selection.
  • Enable Tooltip : If this option is enabled, you can add a tooltip for each attribute created.
WooCommerce Variation Settings
  • Tooltip Position : Show the tooltip either above or below the selected attribute variation.
  • Tooltip Animation : Animation of the tooltip (Fade in/Slide in).
  • Tooltip Background : Background color of the tooltip.
  • Tooltip Text Color : Text color of the tooltip.
  • Show Attribute Description : Show/hide the description for each attribute in product detail page.
Attribute Description in Product details page.
  • Enable Plugin in Archive Page : This allows you to show product attributes even in archive shop page.
  • ‘Add to cart’ Button Text : Set Preferred ‘Add to cart’ Button Text when a variation is selected in shop page.
  • Product Image on Hover : Change the product image when the mouse hovers the concerned attribute.
    Note : the feature is available only for the products which have a single attribute per variation configured.
  • Show Custom Attributes on “Additional Information” Tab : Show custom attributes style on “Additional Information” Tab instead of simple text.
Additional Info