Bulk Import

Bulk Importer from CSV using software like Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets, to create your spreadsheet.

If you have a lot of Team members or 200+ researchers at your institute and don’t like to enter manually each info, bulk importer from CSV or Excel will help you.
You can add photos later or add a photo ID to the Bulk Importer File.

To use Bulk Importer from CSV follow these steps

  • Hope you’ve already installed GS Team Members pro plugin.
  • Now download sample Excel / CSV format
  • Prepare your data following separator like pipe (|), comma (,)
  • Add Image ID. Follow doc for how to get image ID.

How to get Image ID to add at Spreadsheet

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard
  • Media > Add New > Select Files to upload images
  • After upload, click on Media > Library
  • Click on any image
  • A popup will open with attachment details. Check URL like ur-domain.com/team/wp-admin/upload.php?item=41
  • Here 41 is image ID.

Media Library after uploading images

Media Library after upload images

Attachment Details with Image ID

Attachment Details with Image ID

Getting Your Spreadsheet Ready For Import
Creating and formatting your spreadsheet properly is an important first step to importing your data to Team plugin.

Sample CSV file for Download

CSV data to import – part 1

CSV data to import - part 1

CSV data to import – part 2

CSV data to import - part 2

Follow format to prepare the spreadsheet

  • Name: Member name
  • Image & Flip Image: Uploaded attachment ID
  • Description, Designation, Company, Land Phone, Cell Phone, Email, Address, Ribbon: Regular text
  • Vcard: Resume file link or any link
  • Socials: Ex: Facebook|https://facebook.com, Twitter|https://twitter.com
  • Skills: Ex: WordPress|95, HTML|85, CSS|95
  • Languages, Location, Gender, Specialty, Group: Comma separated terms (,)
    Ex: Web Design, Web Development, Data Analysis

Import data to Team Plugin

  • Go to GS Team > Bulk Import
  • Click on Upload CSV File
  • Select gs-team-members-bulk-importer.csv and click OPEN
  • Data will display & status will be waiting
  • Successful import will display Done for each row.

After Upload CSV File

After Upload CSV File

Data import successful

Data import successful


What happens if I leave empty some field​s​?
– You can keep any field blank on the spreadsheet if no data is available. In that case, the Team Members will add and respective field/s will keep blank.