How to install the GS Pinterest Portfolio plugin?

Install GS Pinterest Portfolio plugin as a regular WordPress plugin. Install by Upload Plugin

  • Download the latest version of GS Pinterest Portfolio (.zip file) from Purchase history. Purchase history is visible when logged in.
  • In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  • Select Upload Plugin
  • Click on Choose File
  • Select downloaded gs-pinterest-portfolio.zip & click on Install Now button
  • Activate the plugin.
  • GS Pinterest Portfolio menu will be visible.
  • Activate License.
  • Generate shortcode
How to use shortcode in page templates?

There’s no better way to use WordPress than with its extensive functionality, so we’re going to show you how. WordPress has a useful function called do_shortcode() that will allow you to utilize shortcodes in your theme files. For example, this will produce Portfolios in a Theme file:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[gs_pinterest id=1]'); ?>
How to Overwrite Templates in GS Pinterest Portfolio plugin?

GS Pinterest Portfolio’s all templates are available inside gs-pinterest-portfolio-pro/templates

To override templates, create a folder named gs-pinterest inside your current theme’s folder and you can override the files from the templates of the GS Pinterest Portfolio.

For example, to overwrite the profile template copy gs_pinterest_user_profile.php from /gs-pinterest-portfolio-pro/templates/gs_pinterest_user_profile.php to your currently active theme /yourtheme/gs-pinterest/gs_pinterest_user_profile.php and make the required changes.

You’ll see the changes in the front end.

This way you can override the plugin without modifying the plugin core, which might be replaced upon updates.

The default path for template override is: gs-pinterest

Copy any file from the plugin templates folder to /themes/theme-name/gs-pinterest folder and override them accordingly.

Is there a Widget to display Pins?

Yes, the following Widgets are available for the Follow Button, Single Pin, Boards & Profile: 4 unique Widgets are accessible for different purposes. The following is a list of their names:

  • GS Pinterest Follow Button
  • GS Pinterest Pin Widget (for single Pin)
  • GS Pinterest Boards Widget
  • GS Pinterest Profile Widget

Simply drag and drop Pinterest Widgets to the widget area of your choosing. Follow the instructions for setting up Pinterest widgets.

Why My latest pins are not visible on my website
  • The Pinterest Pinboard Widget comes assembled with modern technology. Initially, it caches the RSS feed in each 15 minutes from Pinterest. Such an architecture, I implemented to improve the loading time of your website. So, don’t panic when you can’t see your newly created pin. It sometimes takes to fetch new pins and a just added pin make a slight delay to show up in Printers’s RSS feed.
  • In reality, it takes up to 24 hours to effect the change.
How do I show pins from specific boards?
  • It’s simple. To fetch the RSS pin data and show them only from a specific board, enter your desired Board Name in the plugin specified input box. If you are looking for the correct format for a Board Name, look into the URL after the username. Suppose, You have a board URL called “Fathers Day.” is https://www.pinterest.com/pinterest/fathers-day/. You have to enter username pinterest in the username box and fathers-day in the specific board box to demonstrate only pins from that board.
Is it possible to create a Pinterest sub-board?

The sub-board feature is not yet available, but we intend to include it at a later date.

We’re currently applying for Pinterest’s API in order to provide a sub-board function and waiting for the response.

Currently, when pins appear via the RSS feed, we have little control over them.

I downloaded the plugin, and I can’t seem to get my Pinterest feed to display on my website?

After installation, go to the plugin’s settings and add the Pinterest username. Then use a shortcode to display pins where you want them.

How many views/themes are available to display Pinterest Pins?

You can now choose from five distinct Pinterest Pin themes at the moment. Those are –

  • Pins
  • Linked
  • Hover
  • Popup
  • Grayscale.
Is GS Pinterest Portfolio mobile-friendly?

Yes, GS Pinterest Portfolio is completely responsive, mobile-friendly, and touch-enabled. However, if you encounter any difficulties, please inform us.