How do I add a new logo?

Logo post type will show below POSTS. To add a new Logo –

  • Go to GS Logos > Add New
  • Add the Company Name as Title
  • Add Logo as featured image
  • URL with http:// or https://
  • Finally, publish it.
How can I use the shortcode inside a page template?

The capabilities of WordPress are amazing, and one of its finest features is do_shortcode(), which allows you to utilize shortcodes in your theme files. To output Logos in a Theme file, for example, use this code:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[gslogo id=1]'); ?>
What is the size of the logo image?

Enter your preferred size. 200 pixels X 200 pixels was the default setting. WordPress adds logos as soon as you upload them, and they are created in a number of various sizes. From the General Settings tab, you may choose Logo Image Size.

Logo Image Size
Logo Image Size
How many logos may I add to the GS Logo Slider?

GS Logo Slider Pro allows you to add as many logos as you want. In the light edition, 20 logos may be presented at once. You can add as many logos as necessary and sort them into categories. The number of logos on your page will not have an impact on its speed.

Is it possible to use an external link in the logo of my client’s website on GS Logo Slider?

Yes, you can. In the Company URL field, add the company’s website address with https://. The logo will automatically link to the company’s website.

External links can be opened in a new tab or in the same window.

What are the various versions of WordPress where I can use this client logo slider plugin?

GS Logo Slider works with all WordPress versions. However, the minimum WordPress version is recommended to be 5.8 or higher. We update and release new versions on a regular basis in order to work with the most recent WordPress versions. The Gutenberg Block of GS Logo Slider is now available.

What are the logo formats that I may use with GS Logo Slider WP plugin?

You can use JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF along with some other image format.

Is it possible for me to have a custom GS Logo Slider plugin developed for my website?

Yes, you may ask for custom development support if you want something unique or special. You can contact us if you need anything personalized or specific in any way. We are here to assist you as soon as feasible.

What are the benefits of using a WordPress plugin called GS Logo Slider over other plugins?

Yes, it is. If you look at existing user reviews, you may get an idea of GS Logo Slider’s features and flexibility, and thus obtain a true comparison among the logo slider plugin.

Is there any Page Builder Support available for the GS Logo Slider?

Yes, Page Builder Support is there for GS Logo Slider. Gutenberg, Elementor, WPBakery, and Divi Builders are all currently working properly. We have a plan to add support for additional builders in future updates.