Shortcode Usage

GS Behance Portfolio’s shortcode usage

Note: From Version 2.0.13 shortcode generator was added with preview.
Select theme & other parameters. Shortcode will generate with id like [gs_behance id=1]

[gs_behance id=1]
[gs_behance userid="creativemints"] (Old Style)

GS Behance Portfolio’s Shortcode attributes Usage.

Note: From Version 2.0.13 shortcode generator was added with preview.
NO NEED to add attributes. After selecting options, Shortcode will generate with id like [gs_behance id=#]

[gs_behance id=1]
[gs_behance userid="creativemints" count="6" column="4" theme="gs_beh_theme1" field="branding"]

Shortcode PHP Usage

Template Usage – Add the Shortcode anywhere you need to display GS Behance Portfolio in template files (header.php, front-page.php, etc.)

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[gs_behance id=2]' ); ?>

Note: Before Version 2.0.13, Shortcode attributes need to add & kept for old users.
From Version 2.0.13 NO NEED to add attributes & we will delete the below table later.

No. Attribute Default value options Description
1 userid None Behance User ID Add your Behance User ID
2 count 6 Any number Set number of projects to display.
3 column 3(4 columns) 4 (3 columns)
3 (4 columns)
Columns are based on 12 grids Bootstrap, so follow columns value
4 theme gs_beh_theme1 gs_beh_theme1
Select preferred theme to display Projects
5 field None Art Direction
Web Design
Select preferred field to display Projects. To explore a wide range of creative lists, visit and locate the Creative Fields button. By clicking on it, you can access an extensive collection of inspiring content.
field parameter is case & space sensitive.