How do I create apps to get Behance Access Token?

Behance API has been deprecated & not allowed to register new apps to get Behance Access Token.

As Behance doesn’t issue API keys, how can I use GS Behance Portfolio plugin?

We have rewritten the plugin & the GOOD NEWS is that no Behance Access Token is needed! This means without the Behance API key; you can display projects to your site.

How to install GS Behance Portfolio plugin?
  • Install GS Behance Portfolio plugin as a regular WordPress plugin. Install by Upload Plugin
  • Download the latest version of GS Behance Portfolio (.zip file) from Purchase history. Purchase history visible when logged in.
  • In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  • Select Upload Plugin
  • Click on Choose File
  • Select downloaded gs-behance-portfolio.zip & click on Install Now button
  • Activate the plugin.
  • GS Behance Portfolio will be available under GS Plugins > Behance Settings
  • Activate License.
  • Generate shortcode
How to use shortcode inside page templates?

WordPress has a significant function, do_shortcode(), that will allow you to use shortcodes inside your theme files. For example, to output Behance shots in a Theme file, you would do this:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[gs_behance id=#']); ?>
Is there any Widget available to display projects?

Yes, Widget is available. Named GS Behance Portfolio. Drag & drop to your preferred widget area. Add Title & number to projects to display. You can select from premade shortcodes.

How many different views / themes available to display Behance projects?

Right now, seven different themes are available to display Behance projects. Those are Projects, Projects Stat, Hover, Popup, Slider, Profile, Filter.

Is there any way to filter Behance projects?

Yes, you can use the Filter (gs_beh_theme7) theme. Based on Behance Creative Fields filter will work.

Is there any way to Re-Order / Custom order to display Projects?

The Custom order feature is not available, but we plan to add it at a later release.

Is GS Behance Portfolio responsive?

Yes, GS Behance Portfolio is fully responsive, mobile, and touch-friendly.