Shortcode Usage

GS Course’s shortcode usage
[gs_courses theme="gs_course_grid_1"]
GS Course’s Shortcode attributes Usage
[gs_courses num="6" theme="gs_course_grid_1" cols="3" group="" cats_name="none" desc_limit="" order="DESC" orderby="date"]
Shortcode PHP Usage
<?php echo do_shortcode( '[gs_courses theme="gs_course_grid_1"]' ); ?>

Template Usage – Add the shortcode anywhere you need to display GS Course in template files (header.php, front-page.php, etc.)

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[gs_courses num="6" theme="gs_course_grid_1" cols="3" group="" cats_name="none" desc_limit="" order="DESC" orderby="date"]' ); ?>
No. Attribute Default value options Description
1 num -1 -1 for all or any number By default, it’ll display all the Courses, but you can control it by num attribute.
2 theme gs_course_grid_1 gs_course_grid_1
Select preferred theme to display Courses
3 cols 3(4 columns) 6 (2 Columns)
4 (3 columns)
3 (4 columns)
Number of column/s to display courses. Columns are based on 12 grids Bootstrap, so follow columns value
4 group all Course category slug, comma separated. To get your category slug, go to GS Course -> Course Group. Here you will find Course Groups & all the slugs
5 cats_name initial none If you display only one category’s data then no need to display category names for filtering, passing the ‘none’ value will hide the filtering section. Applicable for gs_course_filter_1
6 desc_limit 100 Any Number Set maximum number of characters in Course details. Default 100
7 order DESC DESC
Normally, Courses will display by descending order, latest will show first. But if you wish to display ascending order, oldest at first then pass order="ASC" parameter
8 orderby date ID
Use preferred orderby attribute